Not applicable tasks

If a task is not relevant to a particular transaction, it can be marked as Not Applicable to dissociate it from the Matters workflow.

For example, a task to receive proof of a gifted deposit will only be needed if the client is using a gifted deposit.

Instead of deleting the task or leaving it as incomplete, you can mark it as 'not applicable'. This retains a correct audit trail whilst ensuring a tailored workflow for all your matters.

To further tailor your workflows, make tasks that are only applicable in some transactions conditional.

How to mark a task 'Not Applicable'

  1. Navigate to the relevant matter
  2. Select the Settings Cog next to the not applicable task
  3. Choose 'Not Applicable'

The task will be minimised and greyed out on the workflow.

To restore the task, select the task and choose 'Yes' in the pop-out window asking if you'd like to make the task applicable.

Once marked as 'Not Applicable' the task will:

  • No longer show on the Stakeholder Portal, even if previously marked as visible
  • The completion percentage shown in the Portal will no longer consider this task in it's calculation
  • Any traffic light settings applied to the task will no longer come into effect
  • The task won't be considered in the Task Completed or Outstanding report

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