Adding data markers to PDFs

Include data markers within PDF documents to automatically recall matter or contact information when generated on a matter.

To add data markers
You will need access to software which allows you to edit a PDF document. The guidance below is based on Adobe Pro.
  1. Open the PDF document in Adobe
  2. Select Edit PDF on the righthand side
  3. Navigate to the Tools tab at the top
  4. Select Prepare Form

This will open the PDF document in the form editor.

To add new data markers
  1. Select Text Box in the top menu
  2. Move the text box to the desired location within the PDF
  3. Select the text box and choose All Properties in the right hand corner
  4. Enter the data marker into the Name and Tooltip fields
To edit an existing data marker
  1. Any existing data fields will be shown in the right hand side menu
  2. Right click on the required field and choose Properties
  3. Amend the data marker in the Name and Tooltip fields

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