Supplier bill actions

Once you have raised a supplier bill there are numerous actions you can take via the bills 'actions' menu:

  1. Payments & Refunds:
    1. New Payment: Records a payment for the bill and automatically updates the ledger.
    2. New Credit Note: Records a credit note against the bill and automatically updates the ledger.
Supplier bills can also be recorded as paid directly through Xero:
- Reconcile the supplier payment against the relevant supplier bill on Xero
- This will sync back to InTouch and mark the supplier bill as paid
Once a payment has been recorded, view the transaction history and corresponding Xero entry via the Actions menu > Payments & Refunds.
  1. View bill on Xero: Directs you to the corresponding transaction on Xero.
  2. Void: Enables you to void the raised bill.
    1. You cannot void a raised bill if payments or credit notes have been recorded against it. You must remove these first.
    2. The corresponding receivable must then be void separately.

Removing Payments & Credit Notes

  1. Navigate to the 'Actions' menu next to the bill
  2. Select Payments & Refunds
  3. Navigate to the 'Actions' menu on the relevant transaction
  4. Delete
To delete a credit note, the corresponding credit needs removing on Xero first.
If the payment for the bill has been reconciled on Xero, you will need to rectify this first.

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