Creating new contacts

New contacts can be created:

  • Within a matter
  • Within your Contact settings

Within a matter

  1. Select the '+' icon next to the relevant stakeholder group
  2. Choose 'Create New'
  3. Enter the relevant contact information
    If their name, email address or organisation name match any existing entries within your Contacts list, they will be provided as a suggestion and can be chosen from
    1. By default, you will be asked to provide:
      1. Forename
      2. Middle Name
      3. Surname
      4. Email
      5. Phone Number
      6. Organisation Name
        Further data can be added to a contact card once it's been created by following the guidance here.
  4. Create New Contact

Within your Contact settings

  1. Navigate to the Contacts area located in the left-hand sidebar
  2. Select '+ Add'
  3. Follow steps 3 - 4 above

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