Legacy form settings

This help document is for our Legacy Forms. For a better user experience we recommend using our latest form builder which offers additional features and a more user friendly design.

There are 2 areas within a legacy form where settings can be configured:

  • The forms 'Settings'
  • The forms 'Widget Config'

Form Settings

Form settings are applied to each of your forms independently.

Visit the settings cog below the forms steps to:

  1. Name: Provide a title for the form, which is displayed at the top of the form.
  2. Associated Matter Template: Select the matter template the form is associated with.
    If the form is set to create a new Matter, this is the template that will be opened.
    The associated matter template determines which data markers are available to assign your questions to.
  3. Associated Fee Earner: Select the Fee Earner you would like associated with the form. If the form is creating a new matter, the matter will be opened in this Fee Earners name.
    If you include the Fee Earner type question within the form, this will take priority over the forms associated fee earner.
    If you are using the form within a matter, the existing Fee Earner on the matter will not change.
  4. Load Existing Data when Updating a Matter: If the form is used within a matter determine whether existing data should be auto-filled within the form.
    This can save your Stakeholders time when completing Instruction Forms, for example.
  5. Create a Matter: Choose whether a new matter should be created upon completion of the form.
  6. Send an email to the fee earner: Determine whether an email notification should be sent to the fee earner when the form is completed.
    An Amber review will be applied to the matter even if email notifications aren't chosen.
  7. Send an Email to the Primary Client: Choose whether an automated email should be sent to the primary client upon completion of the form.
    A question must be set up using the data marker matter.primaryclient to enable the automated email to be sent.
  8. Form Completion Message: Provide a message to be displayed to the user upon completion of the form.
    This message will only display if the final step of the form is not a Quote step.
    This is a great way of letting users know the form has been submitted and what they should expect to happen next.

Widget Config

A forms configuration is applied to the form as a whole.

The below options can be found at the bottom left under your forms.

Email Notifications

Provide the emails of any people you would like to be notified when the form has been completed.

To add multiple recipients, use a comma to separate the email addresses.

Style & Appearance

  1. Background colour: Select the background colour of the form.
  2. Foreground colour: Select the foreground colour of the form.
  3. Banner URL: Add your logo to the top of the form by entering your logo URL

Embed Code

Copy and Paste this link to your website to embed the form.

See the advanced settings for further styling and configuration options.

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