Home page overview

To reach the InTouch home page, select 'Matters' in the left hand toolbar or the InTouch logo in the top left corner.

Creating a new matter

Select '+ Matter' in the left hand corner of the InTouch home page to open a new Matter

Searching for existing matters

The search bar allows you to search for existing Matters by:

  • The primary stakeholders:
    • Forename
    • Surname
    • Organisation name
  • Any stakeholders:
    • Email address
    • Phone number
  • The Matters address:
    • Line 1
    • Line 2
    • City
    • County
    • Postcode
  • The Matters reference
  • The Matters ITR code
  • The Matters GUID
Use the drop down arrow to the left of the search bar to find matters using information saved with your custom fields, notes and more. Your 10 most recent searches will be remembered and can be selected for future use.


Make use of the filters to easily find the matters you're working on:

  1. Fee Earner: Filter by Matters assigned to your team, a different team or a specific Fee Earner
  2. Matters: Filter by a specific matter template or all matter templates
  3. State: Filter by a specific Matter state or all Matter states
Change the order in which your matters are displayed by clicking on the relevant header to arrange the matters by that data type.

The 'Options' Cog

Select the 'Options' cog in the right hand corner to customise your home page further:

  1. Matters per page: Change the numbers of Matters displayed on each page
  2. Selected Matter tab: Change the area of a matter you're directed to when opened
  3. Columns: Select what Matter information is displayed on your homepage:
    1. State: Current state of the Matter
    2. Client: Name of the primary Stakeholder
    3. Reference: Reference of the Matter
    4. Address: Address of the Matter
    5. Created: Date and time the Matter was created
    6. Last Action: Date and time of the last action on the Matter
    7. Percentage Completed: The Matters current completion percentage
    8. Warnings: Displays any warnings or traffic lights raised on the Matter
    9. Alarms: Shows the date of the next alarm on the Matter
    10. Next: Displays the next action due on the the Matter. A combination of warnings, alarms and next tasks
    11. Fee Earner: Name of the Fee Earner assigned to the Matter
    12. Organisation: Organisation name of the primary Stakeholder
    Customise your home page by selecting the options that make it easier for you to manage your Matters. The options you choose are personal to your account.

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