Receivables report

The Receivables Report provides data on the receivables raised across your matters.

Use the following filters to customise the data provided:

  1. Invoice State: Filter by the status of the receivable; outstanding / invoiced / paid supplier direct from the client account /marked as paid/ voided
  2. Supplier State: Filter by the status of a supplier receivable; not applicable / outstanding / paid from office / paid from client account / bill raised / marked as paid
  3. Account: Filter by receivables raised against a specific account
  4. Date Range: Filter between receivables Older Than / Created Between the selected timeframe
  5. Matters: Filter by receivables raised on a specific matter template
  6. Team: Filter between receivables raised on matters associated with a particular Team on InTouch
  7. Fee Earner: Filter between receivables raised on matters associated with a particular Fee Earner on InTouch
  8. Select Run Report to generate the data

The data is displayed in a table, including details on:

  1. Matter: The reference of the matter the receivable is raised against
  2. Fee Earner: The Fee Earner assigned to the matter
  3. Receivables: Any applicable receivables raised on the matter, including details on:
    1. The date raised
    2. Description provided
    3. Invoice status
    4. Supplier status
  4. Total: The total amount of the receivables (excluding VAT)

Totals are displayed at the bottom of the table.

Use the arrows in the top right corner if the entries fall across multiple pages.

Click Export to download the data in a .csv file 

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