InTouch is a case management system that's laser-focused on doing one thing really, really well; managing property transactions. And since property transactions are complicated and come in all shapes and sizes, we've built InTouch to be as flexible as possible, without compromising on the ease of use for property professionals.

Who it's for

InTouch can be used by all stakeholders in a property transaction; conveyancers, solicitors, brokers, agents, buyers and sellers. Generally, it's the property professionals who manage their matters with InTouch, and the buyers and sellers manage their individual properties via the web & mobile apps.

At it's heart InTouch is highly configurable and we have users successfully implementing their own bespoke business processes inside of it - and these often have nothing to do with property!

What it's for 

Property transactions are complicated, messy and full of risk. This often leads to problems, and buying/selling property can be the most stressful thing you'll ever do.

InTouch is designed to help all parties manage their property transactions, better, faster, with more transparency, and lots more communication. By running more transparent property transactions with improved communication, more will complete, and there is less stress all round.

Where does InTouch come in?

InTouch helps improve the property transaction process from offer-accepted through to completion with the relevant registry.

By default, InTouch has a number of built-in templates that have been carefully designed to cover the end-to-end transaction process. These are:

  • Purchase
  • Sale
  • Remortgage
  • Transfer of Equity

Happy conveyancing!

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