Raising a client invoice

Invoices are sales invoices – monies owed to you. Commonly known as accounts receivable or customer invoice.

You can raise an invoice for any outstanding receivables you have on a matter.

There are 2 ways of doing this:

  1. Through your invoice tab
  2. Through your receivable tab
You must first have receivables on a matter to then raise an invoice for them.

1. Invoice Tab

  1. Open the matter you would like to raise an invoice on
  2. Within the Client invoices tab, click '+ Invoice'
  3. Select the invoice contact from the matter
  4. Select the receivable(s) you would like to add to this invoice
  5. 'Add to Invoice'
  6. Connect your client to Xero
  7. Complete any missing Invoice Settings fields
    1. Date due (Automatically set your default invoice due date here)
    2. Reference (If left blank the default reference is the matter reference follow by I and the invoice number)
    3. Xero branding theme (Only applicable if you have multiple invoice themes set up on Xero)
  8. Re-order, remove or add any new receivables to the invoice
    By default, receivables are ordered oldest first.
  9. Choose to Save Draft or Approve Invoice
    1. A draft invoice does not sync to Xero or the InTouch ledgers and can be edited / approved at any time
      1. To approve a draft invoice, within the actions menu select 'Approve'
        Only certain users will have the permission to approve invoices.
        The approval of an invoice will trigger an email notification to the Fee Earner. To turn off these notifications, visit your Notification Settings.
    2. An approved invoice syncs to Xero and the InTouch ledgers and can no longer be edited
      1. Once approved, the invoice is attached to the matter, enabling you to email or share it with your Client via their portal
      2. The invoice will show as Outstanding and any fees from the invoice are added to the office ledger
      3. Supplier disbursements are not automatically added to the ledger, they are added once recorded as paid

2. Receivable Tab

  1. Open the matter you would like to raise an invoice on
  2. Under the receivable tab, select the 'Invoice State' dropdown menu
  3. Select Raise Invoice
  4. Follow steps 3 - 12 above
Selecting 'Mark as Invoiced' will manually mark the invoice as paid but will not raise a client invoice.

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