Client invoice actions

Depending on the status of your invoice, there are numerous actions you can take via the invoices 'Actions' menu.

Draft Invoices

  1. Approve: Converts a draft invoice to approved
Only certain users will have the permission to take this action.
The approval of an invoice will trigger an email notification to the Fee Earner. To turn off these notifications, visit your Notification Settings.
  1. Edit: Allows you to edit the details of the invoice
  2. Void: Allows you to void the invoice

Approved Invoices

  1. Payments and Refunds: Records a transaction against the invoice and updates the ledger & Xero accordingly.
    1. New payment: to record a payment from the office account.
    2. Pay from client account: to record a payment from the client account.
    3. Credit note: to apply a full or partial credit note against a receivable(s) on the invoice.
      1. Select the line item you'd like to apply a credit to
      2. Choose the account you'd like the credit note recorded against
      3. Input the amount of the credit
If you have electronic payments set up within Xero, InTouch can automatically check Xero for these invoice payments.
Once a payment has been recorded, view the transaction history and corresponding Xero entry via the Actions menu > Payments & Refunds.
  1. View PDF: To view a PDF copy of the invoice.
  2. View invoice on Xero: To be directed to the invoice within Xero.
  3. Void: Allows you to void the invoice.
    1. You cannot void an invoice if payments or credit notes have been recorded against it. You must remove these first.
    2. The corresponding receivables must then be void separately.
When voiding an invoice, you can choose whether to revert the receivables back to outstanding.

Removing Payments & Credit Notes

  1. Navigate to the 'Actions' menu next to the invoice
  2. Select Payments & Refunds
  3. Navigate to the 'Actions' menu next to the relevant transaction
  4. Delete
To delete a credit note, the corresponding credit needs removing on Xero first.
If the payment for the invoice has been reconciled on Xero, you will need to rectify this first.

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