Use mentions to automatically send selected team members notifications from a matter.

There are 3 areas within a matter where you can mention someone:

  • A matters Sticky Note; when you want to draw attention to a matter in general.
  • A matters internal note within the Folder tab; when you want something specific looking at within a matter.
  • A contact cards note; when you want a contact to be reviewed on a matter.

How to Create a Mention

Within the relevant note section on a matter:

  1. Type @ followed by the staff members full name. As you start typing their name, a list of suggestions will show helping you to narrow down your choice.
    You can only mention staff members that log in with an email address.
  2. Provide any text you'd like to send to them
  3. Save

A copy of the note will be emailed to the selected team member and saved to the matter.

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