Recording a receivable

Receivables are amounts to be charged to your client i.e. Fees & Disbursements.

You should record receivables like memos so you never forget to charge your Client.

To record a receivable

  1. Navigate to the relevant matter
  2. Within the Accounts tab, select "+" on the Receivables tab
  3. If you have Receivable Templates set up, choose from one of your prepared templates
  4. If not using a template, choose the correct supplier
    Select a third party supplier if raising a disbursement or keep as your organisation if raising a fee.
  5. Enter the details of the receivable i.e. “Legal Fee”
  6. Select an account to record the receivable against i.e. “Sales”
  7. Enter the amount for the receivable
    If you are pasting this number from an external system, InTouch will automatically remove any unnecessary symbols such as '£' signs.
    1. Select the correct Tax Rate i.e. 20%
    2. Choose whether the amount provided includes tax
  8. Create Receivable

An outstanding receivable will be created, which you can take action on.

Receivables can also be automatically created from your quotation calculator, time recording and searches.

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