The #question data helper can be used to ask a yes/no question without the use of data markers.

The response will affect the content within the template but will not be saved for future use.

This is a great way of quickly customising content using data that isn't required for future use.

For further guidance on configuring the #question helper, watch our short training video!



{{#question $includeWill "Should we include an offer of a will?"}}

{{#if $includeWill}}

Did you also know that we can provide a will with your conveyancing. To order a will, simply complete this short online form here....


If the user answers the question as "yes", the defined statement will be outputted.

If the user answers the question as "no", the statement will be ignored.

The text following the $ symbol must be one word only, containing no symbols or spaces.
Question statements do not support the use of further data markers or data helpers within the defined content. If this is required, it's best to use a custom data marker of the Yes/No type with a corresponding #if statement to define the output.

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