Creating a new matter template

Matter Templates allow you to create a set of pre-configured actions and details which are loaded by default when you create a new Matter.

By creating a new Matter Template, you can:

  • Build a bespoke workflow
  • Remove redundant fields
  • Customise your task lists to be specific to your needs

Creating a new matter template

  1. Navigate to Settings > Matters
  2. Select +Matter Template
  3. Provide the template with a name
  4. Save

You will be automatically directed to the editing page of the new Matter Template. There are 5 separate tabs, which allow you to customise your workflow:

  1. Details: To edit the name of your template
  2. Custom Fields: Where all data associated to the matter is stored
  3. Stakeholders: To create and set permissions for the stakeholder types on the matter
  4. Tasks: The task list associated with your workflow
  5. Advanced: Includes settings for Accounts, Time Recording and Searches on the matter

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