Connecting Xero

To use InTouch with Xero, you'll need to:

  1. Connect InTouch to a Xero Account
  2. Map the InTouch ledgers to your Xero bank accounts
  3. Set up an automatic payment sync
For further guidance on connecting InTouch to Xero, watch our short training video!

Connecting InTouch to Xero

  1. Inside InTouch navigate to Settings > Accounts > Xero Connection
  2. Select Connect to Xero
  3. Sign in to your Xero account within the pop-up window
    Your browser will need to allow the pop-up.
  4. Select the Xero Organisation you would like to connect to
  5. Allow Access
  6. In the following pop-up window, choose to 'Auto create accounts'
InTouch Results

Account mappings will be matched with the corresponding account on Xero.

To add a new Chart of Account:

  1. Within the Chart of Accounts section, select the green plus button
  2. Provide the required details
    Ensure you enter the correct account class and tax rate.
  3. Confirm

The new account will then be available to map within the Xero Connection section.

Chart of Accounts cannot be deleted after creation.
Xero Results

The following chart of accounts will have been created inside Xero;

There are no limits to the number of accounts you can use and map, although going above 200 may have performance implications.

Mapping the InTouch ledgers to your Xero bank accounts

  • An InTouch account connected to Xero
  • Two bank accounts set up in Xero; Office & Client
  1. Inside your InTouch account go to Settings > Accounts > Xero Connection > Account Mapping
  2. Select your Office Ledger bank account from Xero
  3. Select you Client Ledger bank account from Xero
  4. Save Account Mappings

Your InTouch ledgers will now be linked to your Xero bank accounts:

Automatic Payment Sync

You can configure InTouch to automatically check Xero for any invoice payments and have these sync back to the matter.

This is especially useful if you receive payments from external providers such as PayPal or Stripe.
  1. Inside your InTouch account go to Settings > Accounts > Xero Connection
  2. Check the Payment Sync box
  3. Save Sync Setting
You can sync payments at any time by selecting Sync Xero Payments Now
When you're ready to learn about how to run your client accounting through InTouch, watch this short training video!

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