Form submission reviews

Form submission reviews allow your team to check the information entered into a form and choose whether to accept or reject the submission.

This provides you with more control over the data saved back to your matters.
For further guidance on form submission reviews, watch our short training video!

Enabling form submission reviews

  1. Navigate to Settings > Advanced > Forms
    This functionality is only available within our latest Form Builder.
  2. Select the Folder the form belongs to
  3. Select Options for the relevant form
  4. Navigate to the section Who can complete this form for an existing matter?
    Forms used to open new matters are always automatically accepted.
  5. Choose who should be able to access the form
  6. Ensure the checkbox a team member must review this submission is ticked
    Forms set to be completed by "Anyone" will always require a review.

Reviewing form submissions

When a form that requires review is submitted to a matter:

  • The form submission is added to the Folder tab
  • The form submission is assigned for review to the current matter Fee Earner
  • Any completion notifications configured within the form are sent

To review the form submission:

  1. Within the matter:
    1. Select the form review notification in the lefthand corner of the matter:
      1. Scroll to the bottom of the PDF
      2. Select Review
    2. Within the Folder tab:
      1. Locate the form submission
        Use the "Review Required" filter to find any files that are assigned for review.
      2. Select Accept/Reject at the top of the file
  2. Review the information entered within the form:
    1. Question: lists the questions asked within the form
    2. Current Matter Data: lists any existing information saved to the data field on the matter
    3. Submitted Form Answer: lists the answer provided within the form for that question
      1. No Change: there is no change between the form's submitted answer and the information currently saved to the matter
      2. New: no information currently exists within the data field on the matter
      3. Different: the information entered within the form is different to that currently saved to the data field on the matter
      4. Deleted: the information currently saved to the data field on the matter has been removed within the form
      5. Question Not Shown: the question was not shown to the user completing the form due to a condition
  3. At the bottom of the form submission you can:
    1. Close: return back to the matter with no action taken on the form submission
    2. Reject: ignore the data entered into the form submission and retain the matter's current data
      None of the actions contained within the "Accepted Form Submission" section below will be triggered.
    3. Resubmit: re-complete the form submission within the matter
      The form will be automatically accepted upon re-submission.
    4. Accept: confirm the form submission and update the matter

Accepted form submissions

On acceptance of a form submission:

  • The matter's data will update to that contained within the form
  • Any automatic emails configured within the form will be sent
  • Any associated Form tasks on the matter will complete
  • Any receivables configured within the form will generate
  • Any webhooks will be trigger

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