Overview report

The Overview Report allows you to report on the number of matters assigned to a particular state within the defined timeframe.

This is a great report to use if you'd like to visualise your matters over a particular time period.
Use the Matter State Reports to view this data in a bar graph, filtered by matter template, team or fee earner.

It's formatted as a colour-coded line graph. Each line represents one of the following matter states;

  • Lead
  • Opened
  • Completed
  • Aborted
  1. Change the timeframe using the calendar icon in the right hand corner
  2. Hover over the circles within the lines to display the number of Matters that make up the data.
  3. Click on a Matter State in the legend below the graph to filter it out.

Click Export to download the data in a .csv file.

Use the saved reports functionality to save a report with lots of filters, saving you time next time you wish to generate the same report

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