Microsoft Word integration

The Word plugin allows you to attach a word file directly to the InTouch matter.


To use add-ins within Word, you must be using one of the following:

  • Word on Windows
    • Microsoft 365
    • Word 2016 or later
  • Word on Mac
    • Microsoft 365
    • Word 2016 or later
  • Word on the Web
If your Word does not adhere to the above requirements you can download our alternative VTSO Plugin within your InTouch account (Settings > Microsoft Office).

Adding the Word Plugin

  1. Within Word, navigate to the 'Insert' tab
  2. Select 'Get Add-ins' from the top ribbon
  3. Enter 'InTouch' within the search bar
  4. Select 'Add'
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions

The InTouch logo will now appear in the top ribbon of Word.

Using the Plugin

To attach a Word document to InTouch

  1. Within the Word document, select the InTouch logo on the right-hand side of your home panel
    When first accessing this function, you will be asked to sign into your account. 
  2. Choose to search for a matter or view your recent matters
    If the document has originated from InTouch, the Plugin will automatically find the correct matter for you.
    1. To search for a matter, select which teams matters you'd like to display
    This will default to the team you are assigned to on InTouch. If you change the team selection, it will be remembered moving forwards.
    1. Search for a matter via:
      1. Stakeholders name
      2. Stakeholders email address
      3. Property address
      4. Matter reference
      5. ITR code
    2. Choose whether to include completed & aborted matters
  3. Select the correct matter
    1. Provide or amend the document's name
      You will be alerted if a document with the same name already exists on the matter.
      Once saved, any existing documents on the matter with the same name will be overwritten.
    2. Choose to 'Assign for Review' if you'd like to notify a team member of the email
      1. Select the team member
      2. Choose whether you'd like to send an email notification
      3. Optional: Provide a message for the email notification
    3. Choose whether to apply any labels to the file on the matter
  4. The document will be saved to the Folder tab of the matter

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