Microsoft Word integration

Downloading the Word Plugin

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Word
  2. Select Download Word Plugin button

Installing the Word Plugin

  1. Double-click on the downloaded file: 'intouch-word.exe'
  2. Accept any smart screen popups
    1. On some versions of Windows, you will need to click More Info
  3. Install
  4. Once the installer has completed, Close

The InTouch logo will now appear in Words menu bar.

Using the Plugin

  1. Within the document you'd like to attach to InTouch, select the InTouch logo on the right-hand side of your home panel
    When first accessing this function, you will be asked to sign into your account 
  2. Select which Team's matters you'd like to display
    The Matters will be automatically filtered according to your team on InTouch
  3. Choose whether to include completed & aborted matters
  4. Search for a matter via:
    1. Stakeholders name
    2. Stakeholders email address
    3. Property address
    4. Matter reference
    5. ITR code
If the document was originally generated from InTouch, it will locate the relevant Matter for you
  1. Select the correct matter
    1. Choose to 'Assign for Review' if you'd like to notify a team member of the email
      1. Select the team member
      2. Choose whether you'd like to send an email notification
      3. Optional: Provide a message for the email notification
  2. If a document with the same name already exists on the Matter, you will be given the option to;
    1.  Cancel the upload
    2. Rename the new document
    3. Overwrite the existing document
  3. The document will be saved to the Docs & Emails tab of the matter
When using the new Folder UI the document will be saved under the ‘Folder’ tab.

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