Custom fields

Custom fields are data markers specific to your matter template.

Information collected throughout a transaction can be saved back to these Custom Fields.

They can then be used in document and email templates to recall matter specific information.

Adding a new custom field

Within the Custom Field tab on a matter template:

  1. Select + Add next to the search field
  2. Group:
    1. Create a new data group by typing in the desired name
    2. Select from an existing group within the text field
      Groups help to keep your data organised on a matter.
  3. Type: Select the type of data that will be collected i.e. currency
  4. Name: Provide a name for the Custom Field i.e. Property Price
  5. Data Marker: Create a Data Marker for the Custom Field i.e. property.price
  6. Example: Provide an example response you'd expect from the Custom Field i.e. £500,000
  7. Ask for this when Matter is opened?: The custom field will be presented on the matter opening page
  8. Require the matter opener to input this data?: The custom field will be compulsory when a matter is opened
    Options 7 & 8 only apply if a matter is opened manually, not via a Quote Calculator.
  9. Notes: Provide any information that might help users understand what the field is used for
  10. Pin this field to the top of a matter: The custom field will be pinned to the top left hand side of the matter
  11. Save


  • Import a .csv file of custom fields which should be associated with a matter
  • Export a list of custom fields associated with the matter

Ordering Fields

Select 'Order Fields' and drag and drop the custom fields into the required order.

This determines the order they are presented in on a matter

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