Contact linking with Xero (Clients)

The first time an invoice is created or client money is withdrawn/deposited on a matter you will need to link the InTouch contact with Xero.

Supplier contacts are handled differently so you don't have to link them.

Linking a contact with Xero

  1. Select 'Edit' on the contact card
  2. Select 'Link Contact with Xero'
  3. Type in the desired Xero contact name
    This name will be used on the invoice. If the invoice needs to be addressed to two contacts, provide both names within the Xero contact name field.
  4. InTouch will search Xero for any matching entries
    1. If the contact exists within Xero, select 'Link'
    2. If the contact does not exist within Xero, select 'Create New'
  5. Save
Once linked, the client will be connected to Xero on any subsequent transactions they have with you.

Delinking contacts

To delink an InTouch contact from Xero

  1. Open the contact card on InTouch
  2. Select 'Delink'

Contact name changes in Xero

If you link a contact and receive a message that the contact doesn’t exist, it may be that the contact name has been changed on Xero.

If this is the case, you will need to:

  1. Delink the contact on InTouch
  2. Re-link to the updated Xero contact
  3. or Create a New Contact
  4. Save

Contact Syncing

When you perform an action involving a linked contact, the following information will be pushed to the Xero contact;

  • Forename
  • Surname
  • Email
  • Correspondence Address Line 1
  • Correspondence Address Line 2
  • Correspondence Address City
  • Correspondence Address County
  • Correspondence Address Postcode
The above information has to be filled in on the InTouch contact's contact card.

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