New Folder UI

To update your workflow to the New Folder UI:

  1. Within a matter, head to the 'Docs/Email' tab. 
  2. Select ‘Try New UI’. The Interface will update but all information and settings related to the matter will remain.
Don’t worry, the old interface is still available should you need to switch back. Just select ‘Revert UI’.

Generating Correspondence

Select + New to generate any type of file on the matter:

  • Document - Select a document template to be saved back to the matter.
  • Form - Select a form widget to be used within the matter.
  • Email - Select or create a new email template to be sent from the matter.
  • SMS - Select or create a new SMS template to be sent from the matter.
  • Note - Create a note to be stored on the matter.
  • Phone Call - Log a phone call associated with the matter.
  • Merged Document - Select documents to be merged and saved back to the matter.

Finding Correspondence

Use the main search bar to look up specific items within the matter.

The left hand menu allows you to filter the files on your matter by;

  • The type of correspondence: emails, files, notes, phone calls, SMS, review required.
  • Emails Including a specific stakeholder group.
  • Your 5 most recently filtered labels.
  • Your organisations labels.
To search by more than one filter, select one filter using the left hand menu and then search by the other in the search bar. For example, filter by 'Emails including Client' and then search for a label name.


Click on the icon or link of an item to display a preview of the file. Click the same icon or link to remove the preview.

The '...' icon to the right hand side a file contains the following options:

Some options are not available for all file types.
  • Open in popout - Opens the item in a popout window.
  • Download - Downloads the item onto your device.
  • Assign for review - Select a staff member to review the item.
If you would always like to be prompted to assign a file to review, select the checkbox 'always prompt for a review when files are added to a matter'
  • Rename - Allows you to rename the item.
  • Delete - Deletes the item from the matter.
This action is non-reversible.

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