Setting up new staff members

Congratulations! You have a new staff member and you want them to start using InTouch.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Add the new staff member to InTouch
  2. Set their roles & permission
  3. Ensure they have the Outlook plugin
  4. Ensure they have the Word plugin
  5. Pin InTouch to their Task Bar

Adding a new staff member to InTouch

  1. Navigate to Settings > People > Staff
  2. Select + New Staff Member
  3. Provide their Forename and Surname
  4. Create

You will be redirected to their new user profile where you can provide their:


Input their email address or provide them with a Username and Password.

We would only recommend using a Username if your staff member does not have an email address.

If the staff member is a Fee Earner, an email address must be provided.

Each staff member should have their own login.

Provide the users phone number, position and Team.

These details can then be included in document and email templates using the relevant data markers.
Roles and Permissions

Set the users roles and permissions.

This determines the actions the user is able to perform on InTouch.
Fee Earner Rates

Add the relevant fee earner rates, which can then be used for time recording

Only users with the 'Fee Earner' permission can have rates added to InTouch.
Email Signature

Add a copy of the users email signature, which will be appended to any emails sent from InTouch.

You will need a custom email domain to add Email Signatures. For further information please contact us at

Upload an image of their signature which can then be included in documents generated on InTouch.

Add the data marker {{matter.feeearner.signature}} to your templates to include a copy of the Fee Earner's signature.

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