Supplier bill import

A Supplier Bill Import can be used to automatically create multiple supplier bills in bulk.

To import a supplier bill:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Accounts
  2. Select Supplier Bills Import
  3. Upload a copy of the invoice/bill received from your supplier
This must be in the format of a .csv file.
  1. Configure the uploaded file
    1. Includes Header Row: select whether or not the imported .csv file includes a header row
    2. Includes Tax Column: select whether or not the imported .csv file includes a column representing VAT
    3. File Encoding: if the spreadsheet hasn't imported correctly, change the file encoding to UTF16
  2. Configure the data to be imported
    1. Matter Reference: choose which column represents the matter reference
    2. Details: choose which column represents the description of the supplier bill
    3. Amount: choose which column represents the amount of the bill
    4. VAT: choose which column represents the VAT of the bill (if applicable)
  3. Import
  4. Select Supplier: choose the relevant supplier from your contact list
    If the supplier doesn't already exist, add a new contact to InTouch.
    Ensure the supplier name matches any receivables that have already been raised on your matters.
  5. Date: select the date of the supplier bill
  6. Due Date: select the due date of the supplier bill
  7. Receivable: match any existing receivables to the individual supplier bills
    The receivables must have the same supplier, amount and tax allocated to them.
    1. Reload Receivables to re-look for any matching receivables
  8. Create Missing Receivable (optional): if any receivables don't already exist, they can be created automatically
    1. Select the account they should be allocated to
    2. Create
  9. Create Supplier Bill
This process will require some time to complete. Please let this run in the background and do not try to import another supplier bill during this time.

Once complete, the associated supplier bills will have been created on each matter and synced to Xero.

For further guidance on importing supplier bills, watch our short training video!

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