Time recording

To enable time recording, you need to activate the function within the associated matter template. 

  1. Navigate to Settings > Matters
  2. Select the matter template you would like to enable time recording on
  3. Navigate to the Advanced tab
  4. Within the subsection Time Recording, tick the checkbox to include time recording on the matter template
  5. Repeat this process for any other matter templates you would like this functionality on

Once this has been done, the time recording function will sit as a tab within the matter workflow.

If you would ever like to remove time recording, follow the above process but simply uncheck the ‘time recording’ option and save.

You won’t be able to activate time recording if it is not included in your package. For further information contact support@intouch.cloud.

Defining User Rates

To use time recording, the rates must first be defined. To define a Fee Earners rates:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Staff
  2. Select the user you wish to input rates for 
The staff member must be marked as a Fee Earner to use time recording.
  1. Head to the Fee Earner Rates subsection
  2. Click Add and define your rate i.e. Rate A = £100
  3. You can add as many rates as you wish
  4. To delete a line, select the cross next to the rate you wish to remove
  5. Save

How to Use Time Recording

Once time recording has been enabled and the rates have been defined, time recording can be used within a matter.

  1. Within the matter workflow, head to the Time Rec tab
  2. Select New
    1. Select the type of task the rate is being recorded against
      1. To add a new task, select edit
    2. Provide the date
    3. Choose the relevant Fee Earner
    4. Select the appropriate rate from the drop down list
      1. If you wish to add a new rate, select edit
    5. Enter the duration of the task in either time or unit format
    6. Select whether the rate is chargeable to the client 
    This requires use of the InTouch accounts functionality. For further information please contact support@intouch.cloud.
    1. Add any notes relevant to the charge
    2. Save

Once the entry has been saved, it will show within the time recording tab. If you wish to edit or delete the entry, click the pencil icon on the right hand side under Actions

Creating Receivables

To create a receivable from a time recording entry please see Auto Create Receivables on a Matter

Auto create a Time Recording when generating a document

When generating document templates on a matter, you can configure InTouch so a Time Recording entry automatically populates.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Documents
  2. Select the Edit pencil icon next to the relevant template
  3. Tick "Auto create a time recording when this document is created?"
  4. Enter the required details

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