Exporting a matter

Individual matters can be exported at any time.

All documents, emails and information on the matter will be compressed into a Zip file which can then be accessed outside of InTouch.

To request an export:

  1. Select the settings cog on the right hand side of a matter
  2. Choose Export Matter
  3. The export will be queued to run between the hours of 8pm - 6am
  4. The completed export will be saved back to the matter under it's Folder tab
  5. Download and save the export to have access to this outside of InTouch
Completed, archived and aborted matters are stored on InTouch for 6 years from it's "closed" date (when it was completed or aborted). Upon the 7th year, we will contact you letting you know which matters need exporting from InTouch. There will be the facility to export on mass at that time.

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