Conditional tasks

Milestone tasks can be included or excluded from individual workflows based on the answers provided to custom fields when a matter is opened.

For example, if the custom field "Will you be gifted money to purchase the property" equals "Yes", the task "Request proof of funds from Giftor" is included. If any other response is provided, the task is excluded.

Configuring Conditional Tasks

  1. Navigate to Settings > Matters
  2. Select the relevant Matter Template
  3. Navigate to the Tasks tab
  4. Select edit under the 'Only Include If' column, for the relevant task
    Only milestones tasks are able to be conditional
  5. Choose the relevant custom field the condition is dependent on
    Only custom fields with pre-defined answers can be used for conditional tasks.
    The supported data types are: radio, drop down, multi select and yes or no.
  6. Select the answer which determines whether the task is included
To remove a conditional task, select 'edit' under the 'only include if' column and then 'remove'.

Opening Matters

When a matter is opened, the answers to the custom fields can either come from a user manually entering the data or from answers to a form widget.

If a user is manually opening a matter, we recommend making these custom fields compulsory to ensure an answer is provided.

If a task is excluded from a matter and is then needed at a later date, you can add it back in to the workflow by selecting 'Add' at the top of the matter workflow and importing the task from the template.

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