Letterheads can be used to add consistent layouts, headings and footers across Document Templates generated on InTouch.

Creating a Letterhead Template

  1. Navigate to Settings > Documents > Letterheads
  2. Select + Document
  3. Provide a Name for the template which will be used when selecting the template on a matter
  4. Save
  5. Select the Upload icon next to the newly created template
  6. Locate the required file on your computer
    Letterheads must be a .dotx file

Editing an existing Letterhead Template

  1. Navigate to Settings > Documents > Letter Heads
  2. Select the download icon next to the required template
  3. Make the changes to the downloaded letterhead
  4. Select the Upload icon next to the template
    1. Locate the edited file on your device

Managing an existing Letterhead

  • Upload: Upload a new document over the previously saved version
  • Download: Download the letterhead to your device
  • Edit: Amend the name given to the letterhead
  • Delete: Select the red cross next to the letterhead to permanently remove it from InTouch.

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