Our integration with Amiqus allows you to order AML checks from directly within a matter.

To order your AML checks through InTouch, you will first need an Amiqus account.

If you do not already have an account with Amiqus, please contact them directly to get this set up.

Linking your Amiqus Account to InTouch

  1. Log into your Amiqus account
  2. Click on your email address located in the top right corner
  3. Select Apps & Integrations
  4. Webhooks
  5. Manage Webhook
  6. Enter in the Payload URL field
  7. Update Webhook

Ordering AML Checks

There are two ways to order AML checks within InTouch:

  1. Through a stakeholders contact card
    1. Select 'Edit' on the Stakeholders contact card
    2. In the bottom right corner, select 'Open Amiqus'
  2. Within your workflow
    To make use of this you will first need to include an AML task within your matter template.
    1. Open the relevant matter
    2. Within your AML task, follow the link 'Order AML Checks'
    3. Choose the relevant stakeholder

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